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yuantienFront-side milling and drilling
Side-Face tools (optional) for milling and tapping
Horizontal and Vertical Turning available

Tool Layout

CNC automatic lathe is designed for electric and electronic device, connector, instructment and hydraulic, and hardware accessory in industry, etc.CNC-2092/2592/3292 series, featured with gang type system and side turning applications, is suitable for milling, drilling, tapping and side processing. Gang-type tooling system design can save time of tool change. Both side-face and vertical turning device are available. The turning size of main spindle is 20mm, 25mm, and 32mm. In terms of customer’s requirement, it can be also applied as a reprocessing machine.

Tooling System

The tooling holders can be chosen based on its application, of OD roughing, ID center drilling and cutting, etc.

Standard equipment includes 6 sets of tooling holders. The tooling holders (standard) can be changed with other ones, upon customer’s request.

3D Layout

Mechanics Feature

yuantienGang-type tool holder can greatly reduce the time of tool exchange from one to the other.
yuantienTools can be chosen and installed in suitable tool holders based on application.
yuantienMilling Device (Optional): Front-end is equipped with cutting tools(12mm) of 3 pcs which are used to do turning and cut-off.
yuantienSide-face can be equipped with milling cutter of 3 pcs,(standard for CNC-2092, optional for CNC-2592 and CNC-3292) which can swivel and do side-face milling, drilling, tapping and slotting for side-face and end-face.
yuantienSide-face device can move in either X-axis (for horizontal-milling).
yuantienIt can be able to apply the function of C-shaft feed rate to do milling.

Parts Falling Device

yuantienParts-Falling Device The finished parts falling device, designed in small and strong structure,

can keep parts integration from its surface damage.

Finished Parts Conveyor

yuantienFinished Parts Conveyor The finished parts conveyor can stably conveyor the finished workpiece on after another.

Other Features or Accessories:

yuantienStable & high-speed Spindle: Using high-speed & precision servo spindle, combined with C-shaft, the machine can do angle conversion function and so on. It can upgrade the processing efficiency and stability of machine.
yuantienLinear Slide Rail and Lead Screw: The leading mechanics, equipped with the precise linear mould & driving screw bar, can execute its movement driven by both nut and sliding block together and achieve precision positioning and high-structure for machine.
yuantienChip Conveyor: The chip conveyor allows easy collection of chips during the operation.
yuantienAutomatic Voltage Regulator (Automatic Voltage Regulator & Converter ):The device can maintain the perfect and standard power supply against unstable voltage input to reduce the possibility of machine breakdown.